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United in Bad Decisions

United in Bad Decisions

United Airlines… A Disaster… of Decision Making This past week we were treated to an amazing and horrible story about the bloodied 69 year-old United passenger who was dragged off his flight with a broken nose, concussion and broken teeth – all because he had been “bumped” by the airline at the last minute because United wanted to fly four crewmembers to another city. The next day, United’s stock dropped hundreds of millions of dollars in company value and customers around the world had one more doubt in their minds about flying these “friendly skies”. In these times, I find it interesting to look at the DECISIONS made by everyone and identify what each person or company could have done differently.
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The Brave Entrepreneur Thinks About Starting a Business

The Brave Entrepreneur Thinks About Starting a Business

Mike discusses the counterpunch to lagging careers and unemployment: Starting your own business. This show reviews some of the top considerations and decisions for starting your own business and how to be special in the market.
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