A competitive and successful business innovator, Mike Whitaker is an expert on personal and professional decision-making and strategic planning. He is a no-nonsense technology leader as well as speaker on topics that involve critical thinking about the future, offering unique perspectives and world-class solutions to help people achieve their goals.

“I notice the majority of workers have very little control of their income growth and work/life happiness. I believe our long-term success is up to each of us and control is achieved by resilience and good decision-making as we go. For 25 years I have awoke each day intending to create something from nothing – for myself and my family. I must make it happen and I am very experienced in figuring out how to do it.” 

Whitaker is a proven product innovator for enterprise software, medical hardware, and many other products. Mike believes every product deserves supporting voice-of-customer research and critical thinking toward how the product will become essential to the customer. His speciality is finding the best opportunities for new products, new business and new value streams and creating a strategy to make the team successful.

“As a 55-year-old Gen-X entrepreneur, I have 30 years of work experience in technology, manufacturing and service businesses. I am in the bull’s-eye of awareness of what is currently going on in the job market. I travel the world. I have employed hundreds, I advise dozens of businesses, I invest closely in businesses and see their trends, I develop technology that is changing jobs, I have three college-aged children for whom I worry about their career and income prospects – and I wrote The Decision Makeover – a landmark book that defines how personal success is achieved by purposely making good decisions.”

Whitaker received his bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Kansas and earned his MBA from the Price College of Business at the University of Oklahoma. He is married and has three children who are also on the journey of discovering their passions, goals, and paths toward success. Mike participates in competitive trapshooting, his favorite sport (image above is a 16-yard trapshooting event at Kansas Trapshooting Association).


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