Mike is currently booking & scheduling events for the upcoming season.  Keynote and extended workshop topics include:


  • The Biggest Decisions an Entrepreneur Makes: Blazing the Trail With More Confidence
  • The Biggest Decisions of Leadership: Improving Your Impact Upon Your Career and Business
  • The Biggest Decisions of Your Life: How To Design Your Own Success Story
  • The Decision Makeover for Life Balance: The Top Decisions That Determine Happiness and Success
  • The Decision Makeover for Relationships: The Top Decisions You Make to Succeed With People
  • The Decision Doctor: How to Cure Bad Decision Making


For more information on speaking and to see if there’s a fit for your event:

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“Mike spoke as a guest entrepreneur at the OSU Entrepreneur Bootcamp. He shared a very personal perspective with a diverse audience of individuals from the region who wanted to start their own ventures or were in the early stages of a start-up. His message combined a can-do perspective with keen insights into the practical realities of what it is like to create something from nothing. Importantly, he was able to both inspire and motivate while at the same time delivering real substance and content. In short, he was effective at touching their hearts but also their minds.”

Michael H. Morris, Ph.D.
Head, Department of Entrepreneurship Oklahoma State University

“Mike is an innovative thinker with a noteworthy passion for entrepreneurship. He takes the process of thinking beyond the obvious in business to the next evolution of start up and concept development. He is a good speaker with a wealth of personal experience to draw from.”

Shelli Todd
Director of OKSTARTUP Entrepreneurship Programs Oklahoma Department of Commerce

“Mike is the quintessential entrepreneur and brings valuable experience to any entrepreneur looking to expand their chance of success. I recently asked Mike to speak to my team at mobiManage. He painted a real picture that brought a realistic focus to each of my team members and captured each of my employees attention, while impassioning them to work together towards to the common goal.”

Jeff Beasley
President & CEO MobiManage

“I believe therefore I am! However, words without action or a plan are not going to get you there. Mike, always gives great advice and resources for new entrepreneurs looking to be successful. His hard questions and real world advice are not to be missed.”

Monique Terrell
CEO & Social/New Media Strategist Sparkle Internet Image Solutions

“They say you can spot a knowledgeable and successful businessman instantly. Mike was just that, and it was easily apparent after two emails and a simple phone call. Mike brings a lot of great qualities to the table! He is probably the most positive, upbeat individual that I have ever met. His knowledge of marketing techniques is excellent! Mike is very easy to talk to and understands that everyone wants to be successful in the business world. I can guarantee you this: “If you put forth as much effort as Mike Whitaker will in your business venture, and apply his marketing strategies that are presented, the “sky is the limit”as to what you can achieve!”

Aaron Willoughby
AA Champion Trapshooter & Gun Sales Specialist


“Mike Whitaker can best be described as a maverick, renaissance man who has coupled the art of the unchartered territory of entrepreneurship with the sound business practices and understanding of a CEO. His strict and disciplined business practices in conjunction with his unique ability to see and view the world differently sets him apart. There are entrepreneurs who create things that do little to shape the future…ideas without structure whither. Then there are the rare ones who have the discipline and tenacity to see their creations to the end, irrespective of the challenges, and benefit both themselves and others in the process.”

Dr. Brian Epperson
Human Performance Advisors

“Mike has an uncanny ability of grasping the big picture quickly and identifying the opportunities that will have an impact on a business or even a person with a focus on continuous improvement. I regard Mike as one of my key advisors and would highly recommend him.”

Steve Phillips
VP Customer Service ConAgra Food

“Having met and worked with Mike, I have more confidence in my job/career and a more positive outlook on my life. I really feel blessed to have met with him and receive the coaching that I did.”

Jeff K. Kaste
Tooman Partners, LLC

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