Every year, once Labor Day flips by on the calendar, I marvel at the fact that 240+ days have already passed and approximately 100 days remain. Time flies! I started the year with great intentions. What have I accomplished that is critical to my long-term goals? As another calendar gets consumed, I am reminded that we don’t have unlimited time in our pursuit of what we want in this life. 

In my review I realize that the year has been sprinkled so far with some medium and big decisions I needed to make. In business, I needed to decide how to further grow our software technology company, GuestX. The decisions so far this year have included a couple key hires and launching a national sales effort. In career, I needed to decide what role I would play in this company. If I lead the company, some other priorities must be pushed down as this is my #1. There are stages of companies when the opportunity is so large that the company deserves our best. That commitment is a decision I made this year.

For family, we made a big college decision with our daughter. There were several options. One school ranked highest (by far) and is, by far, very expensive. To decide to attend this school was a major family decision and this new commitment will require adjusting how we spend money for a while. But, that is what happens with big decisions. We couldn’t delay. We huddled. We decided.

Another big decision I made for the year was to restart my hobby, trapshooting. I had to idle for several years (a prior decision) to make room for some higher priorities – but I missed it and I am thrilled to get back to it. One of the moments I remember in late 2016 when I was considering 2017 were the questions, “What am I waiting for? What do I gain by delaying this part of my life?” I suppose I felt that I am not always guaranteed my physical abilities or the flexibility to travel and those realities are just a matter of time. How much time do we have to achieve the things we want? Of course, we don’t know.

In all of the above and other decisions I’ve encountered this year, I am certain of one fact: If I don’t make the bigger decisions in my life, those decisions will be made for me – and I am much less likely to enjoy the result. So, here we go… into what is hopefully a great push into the final 100 days of the year. I think about the decisions and commitments that I should address before 2018 to support my long term goals and I will hopefully find a way to appreciate the fact that I am making the decisions for my life instead of someone else.

• • •

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