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Mike’s Posts…

Are You A Legacy Builder?

Perhaps we don’t realize we are building a legacy while we are building it. It doesn’t start out as an intentional act or a goal or destination. Legacies evolve. There’s an impressive feeling that strikes an observer of someone else’s life when the full measure of...

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Career Questions and Holiday Parties

“How’s the job going?” – How do YOU respond? Among family and friends at gatherings and holiday parties, nearly everyone who works is asked about the status and trajectory of their job. Mom and dad ask. Siblings and friends ask. We’ve all experienced the dramatic...

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In The News…

#1 Secret to Hiring (or getting Hired)

My latest article for Entrepreneur.com.  click here:  http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/303721 The secret to hiring (or being hired) comes down to one decision... Please give it a click at the link below. Love to hear your...

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